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Float Valve & Silicon Ring Works With Instant Pot

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  • GJS Gourmet Replacement Float valve and Silicon Ring Set Compatible With Instant Pot Model DUO Mini, DUO 60, DUO Plus Mini, DUO Plus 60, DUO EVO Plus 60, DUO EVO Plus 80, DUO Nova Mini, DUO Nova 60, DUO Gourmet, DUO Nova 80, Ultra Mini, Ultra 60, Ultra 80, LUX Mini, Smart WiFi, Nova Plus 60, VIVA 60, and Duo CRISP + AIR FRYER Model DUO CRISP AF 8. This valve is not created or sold by Instant Pot.
  • Float Valve is part of the lid of a pressure cooker, and is essential for the pressure cooker to work
  • Under normal situation, Float Valve inserts into the lid from outside to inside. Sealing Ring locks the Float Valve from inside, keeping the Float Valve in place. Sealing Ring is often washed off, leaving the Float Valve loose and the pressure cooker unusable because the steam leaks
  • This spare part can make your disabled cooker work like new
  • Note: This float valve is only 3.0 cm long. For 4.0 cm long float vale for Instant Pot model LUX80, DUO 80, DUO Plus 80, and DUO Nova 100, please search B07FDLMQS4 in Amazon