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Toothpicks Holder Dispenser Wooden Gifts Bee Decor Holds Toothpicks 150 Pcs

by Damuzhi
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Brand: Damuzhi


  • ♥Unique design: The original design is very fashionable and cute. It is like a little bee staying on your table, cleverly storing the toothpicks together, so that the toothpick box becomes an ornament. We hope this little bee will be on your desktop New favorite.
  • ♥Complete functions: This toothpick box not only perfectly stores toothpicks for you, but also reflects the unique taste of the owner. You and your family will love it very much.
  • ♥High-quality material: North American black walnut + German beech. The vertical grain of black walnut is generally straight, and some are wavy or curled. The naturally formed pattern is pleasing to the eye, the appearance effect is very good, and the texture is relatively good.
  • ♥Careful gift ideas: Can be used as gifts for friends on birthdays, Christmas, Thanksgiving and other unforgettable days. As a creative gift, your friends will love it very much.
  • ♥Details: The patterns of solid wood materials are naturally formed, and it is inevitable that there may be stuttering colors, uneven textures, and willow lines, which are normal phenomena. Due to technological reasons, it is normal for bees to occasionally have residual glue or small holes in their eyes.
  • ♥Suitable for: wood decor.shelf decor.home decor.boho desk decor for table decor. centerpiece table decorations
  • ♥Damuzhi thank you for choosing our products. Your satisfaction is very important to us. If you have any questions, please contact us immediately and we will be happy to resolve your concerns

Details: ♥Our life should be more refined, why choose this bee-shaped toothpick box? ① Our toothpick box is made of natural solid wood, and the material is more environmentally friendly. ②The overall shape of the toothpick box is the best. It is not only fully functional, but also an exquisite creative decoration. ③It can store toothpicks perfectly for you. ④ In spare time is also a small item worth playing with. ⑤ The best choice as a gift. ♥Product specifications ♥Material: North American black walnut + beech + leather ♥Process: Hand turning, hand polishing, there may be slight machining and polishing marks. ♥Size: about 9cm in length, with a maximum diameter of about 6.5cm ♥About design: original design, cute bee shape, toothpicks are like its bee stings, which creates an emotional interaction between function and appearance. ♥About craftsmanship: the whole wood is spliced ​​and polished by hand. ♥About the details: The maximum capacity is about 150 pieces. It is recommended to store half a box at a time for easy pouring. After inserting the toothpicks, rotate the bee head to install. During use, the silicone ring will sink into the installation groove, causing the bee's tail to become loose. Remove the silicone ring and install it again to solve the looseness.

Part Number: DA-978562

model number: DA-978562