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3DAwesome Croc Snow Plow and Exhaust Pipe Charm - Fun, Unique, and Secure - Easy to use and Install (1 Pair)

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Original price $20.95
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Brand: 3DAwesome


  • Divine Snow Plow - The Croc Snow Plow is the latest must-have accessory for all croc enthusiasts! Finally, you can turn your favorite shoes into snow plows and clear your driveway in style.
  • Super Cool Snow Plow with Exhaust Pipe - With the Croc Snow Plow and Exhaust Pipe, you'll be the talk of the neighborhood. No more shoveling snow with a boring old snow shovel - now you can make a statement with your crocs and their new snow plow attachments.
  • Unleash Your Creativity - The Croc Snow Plow is not just for men - women can enjoy them too! Besides, you can freely create the decoration style with a variety of customizable colors, you can customize your crocs to suit your unique style.
  • Unique and Impressive - Want to make your Croc Snow Plow even cooler? Add some accessories such as spur, turbo, and spoiler...they will definitely impress your crocs! These clip-on accessories are perfect for making noise and adding some extra bling to your snow plow shoes.
  • Experience a New Feeling - If you're tired of the same old snow plow accessories, why not try the new and strange Croc Snow Plow? It's the perfect way to make a statement while clearing the snow from your driveway. And with a range of winter croc charms to choose from, you'll never get bored!
  • 3Dawesome Guarantee - We know you still have something to worry about with this product. Simply try it, we're sure you'll love it. If not, please contact us, we will assist you to process your order in the best possible way, and you will be satisfied.

Details: Introducing the Snowplow Croc Charm - the perfect accessory for your Crocs during the winter season. This croc snow plow accessory is a durable and practical solution for clearing snow and ice. The charm is easy to attach and remove, making it a convenient addition to your winter wardrobe. The Snowplow Croc Charm is a snow plow croc attachment that transforms your Crocs into a shovel-like tool. The attachment is made of high-quality materials that can withstand harsh winter weather conditions. The charm is compatible with most Crocs styles and sizes, so everyone can enjoy the benefits of this snow plow crock attachment. This unique snow plow croc charm attachment is also a fun and creative way to customize your Crocs. It comes in a variety of colors and designs, so you can choose one that matches your style. Whether you're looking for croc accessories charms adults or croc attachments funny, the Snowplow Croc Charm has got you covered. In addition to the Snowplow Croc Charm, we offer a range of other snow plow accessories for Crocs, such as croc spurs accessories and snow plow shovel charms. These croc accessories men and women can enjoy will make your Crocs even more versatile. The Snowplow Croc Charm is an affordable and practical solution to help you navigate through the snow and ice this winter. It is the perfect croc accessory for anyone who wants to make their Crocs even more functional and fun. Order your snow plow croc charm today and see for yourself how easy and convenient it is to use! What will I receive? 2x snow plow What can I expect from this product? A great experience every time you take out The design that fits most crocs Easy to install and use A meaningful gift for him Product Details: Material: High quality plastic PLA+ Number of snow plow croc charms and exhaust pipe: Set of 2