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545049309 Start/Stop Ignition Switch Replacement for Husqvarna 122C 129C 129L 129LDX Line Trimmer

Original price $13.95 - Original price $13.95
Original price $13.95
$13.95 - $13.95
Current price $13.95



  • 545049309 Line Trimmer Start/Stop Switch
  • for fits Husqvarna 128DJX 358791170 BC280
  • compatible with models including; 128DJX,358791170,BC280,PP133 TYPE 1,PP133 TYPE 2,PPB330 TYPE 1,PPB335 TYPE 3,PPB330 TYPE 3,PPB335 TYPE 2,PPB330 TYPE 2,PPB335 TYPE 1,BT280,B28P,PP333,122C,358791140,358795920,PP335 TYPE 2,PP335 TYPE 1,B28PS,128DJ,PP330 TYPE 1,PP333 TYPE 2,PP330 TYPE 2,PP333 TYPE 1
  • for 122C 129C 129L 129LDX

Details: 545049309 Line Trimmer Start/Stop ON-OFF Switch for fits Husqvarna 128DJX 358791170 BC280

Part Number: 545049309

model number: 545049309