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Blender Lid Replacement for Ninja

Original price $12.99 - Original price $12.99
Original price $12.99
$12.99 - $12.99
Current price $12.99


  • Package include : 2 Spout Lids
  • Replacement lid for ninja blender:Compatible with Ninja CT640C, CT641, CT680, CT680CO2SS, CT680SS, CT680SSCCO, CT680W, CT682SP, CT800C, CT810C, CT815A, CT815C, CT815Q
  • Blender lid for ninja:Compatible with Ninja BN400, BN400C, BN401, BN401C, CL401A, CL405CO, CO351B,SS100,SS101,SS101C,SS101TGT,SS150,SS151,SS300,SS300C,SS351,SS351C,SS351TGT,SS400,SS401,BN750, BN750C, BN751, BN751C, BN800, BN800C, BN801, BN801C, DB751A,
  • Blender top replacement lid for ninja:Compatible with Nutri Ninja BL450,BL450C,BL451,BL455,BL456,BL484,BL486CO,BL480,BL480D,BL481,BL482,BL483,BL484-30,BL487A,BL487,BL488,BL488W,BL490,BL491,BL492,BL492W,BL640,BL641,BL642,BL642W,BL642W1,BL642Z,BL680,BL680A,BL681A,BL682,BL2012,BL2013,NN100,NN100A,NN101,NN102
  • Only fit for ninja blender cups 12oz,18oz, 24oz, 32oz with OD 3.75inch. not fit for 16oz cups