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Bluearks 16Pcs Replacement Parts for iRobot Roomba i1+ J7 i7+ i3+ i4+EVO i6+ i8+ i7 J7+ Plus E5 E6 E7 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Accessories Kit, 2 Rubber Main Brush 4 Filters 4 Side Brushes 6 Vacuum Bags

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Brand: Bluearks


  • 【Deep Matching】iRobot Roomba Replacement parts compatible with iRobot Roomba E series E5(5134) E6(6198) E7 I series i7(7150) i7+ i7 plus(7550) i1+(1552) i4+(4550 4552)i3+(3550) i6+(6550) i8+(8550), and J series j7(7150), j7+(7550), Robotic Vacuum Cleaner(Please note that this kit does not apply at all to the Combo J7+)
  • 【Superior Quality】High quality accessories provide superb stain removal, multi-faceted rubber brushes can quickly and efficiently strip away food debris and stains, tough and soft side brushes can penetrate deep into the corners and edges to remove dirt, hair and other impurities, and the filter removes 99.97% of dirt, dust, and other fine particles as small as 0.3 microns
  • 【Optimum Performance】Cleaning and replacing the accessories regularly can keep the roomba at its best performance, it is recommended to wash and dry the accessories weekly, replace the multi-surface rubber brushes once every 6 months, and replace the edge sweeping brushes and filters once every 2 months in order to make the roomba achieve the best cleaning results
  • 【Kit includes】2 multi-surface rubber brushes, 4 filters, 4 side brushes, and 6 dust collection bags,2 cleaning and installation tools to make your roomba sweep more smoothly and efficiently, maintaining a clean and tidy living space for you

Details: Bluearks Replacement Parts for iRobot Roomba i7 i7+ i3 i3+ i4 i4+ i6 i6+ i8 i8+ E5 E6 E7 &J7 J7+ Vacuum Cleaner

Part Number: I3-BL

model number: I3-BL