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Bluedrop Non Stick Mesh Bag For Grill PTFE Toaster Oven Bags Barbecue Pockets Sheets Pack of 2

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Brand: Bluedrop


  • Descriptions: Pack of 2 PTFE grill mesh bags for outdoors BBQ, size 30X20CM(11.8" x 7.9") | Mesh Holes Size 4X4MM,black color.
  • Materials: Grill mesh bags are food Grade PTFE coated fiberglass, BBQ bag can resist high temperature from -40 to 260 °C ,Both mesh bag edges are with aramid fibers reinforced right and left sides and all edges are high temperature weld film inside,it will never apart even over heat in short time when you BBQ .our grill BBQ mesh bags materials are high content PTFE coating which are very good Non stick performance and reusable hundreds time.4x4mm small mesh holes will prevent food fall out.
  • Applications:Grill mesh bags BBQ pouches are ideal for BBQ ,barbecue,air fryers,dehydrator or toaster ovens Versatile Application for heat bread or Pizzas , chips ,BBQ steak, fish, shrimp, prawns or Vegetable and More Food,also can be used as dehydrator sheets for fruits or flowers.
  • Advantages:Mesh Grilling bags are food safety ,BPA free,Non stick for baking and BBQ ,easy to clean up and safe for dishwasher.Must have for outdoors, BBQ ,Camping ,traveling.
  • Reliable Brand of Bluedrop: Professional leading provider of non-stick solutions and materials for food processing over 10 years. committed to the research and development of non-stick products for various food applications and have provided successful solutions for many well-known food processing companies around the world. strived to build a safe, fast, economical and convenient food processing programs for home users, baking studio, fast food chain stores, food factories and enterprises.