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Chef Master Mini Hibachi Grill | Wooden Base | Cast Iron Hibachi Grill Top

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Brand: Chef Master


  • Easy to use and fun for all ages - The Chefmaster mini hibachi grill is a very easy to use tiny hibachi grill. Great indoor family fun. Use for s'mores, appetizers, pu-pu platters and kebabs.
  • Durable cast iron design with stylish wooden base - All Chefmaster mini hibachi grills are made with high quality durable cast iron to ensure only the best and safest cooking experience
  • Indoor grilling essential - This mini cast iron hibachi grill is a must have for grilling small items indoors. Grill s'mores, appetizers, entrees and many other small food items. This grill is very simple and fun to use with the family.
  • Quick to heat up - Load the mini hibachi grill with a few of spoons of fire gel, light, set the grilling rack on top of the grill, and get ready for a very memorable experience! Grill will heat to cooking temperatures within 10 minutes.
  • Ready to cook out the box - Chefmaster mini hibachi grills are preseasoned and ready to use straight out of the box.

Details: Chefmaster 90206 Mini Cast Iron Tabletop Hibachi Grill  ✔EASY AND SAFE TO USE  ✔TABLETOP S'MORES MAKER  ✔QUICK TO HEAT UP ✔DURABLE CAST IRON DESIGN The Chefmaster mini hibachi grill is a must have for any kitchen or house. Easy to use, simply put a couple of spoons of chafing fuel into the grill and light, then replace the grill cover and enjoy cooking. Safe to use, designed with high quality cast iron with a wooden base to ensure maximum possible safety. Remember to always take safety precautions in place when using this grill. Fun to use. Entertain the family or guests with a once in a lifetime cooking experience! Cook kebabs, appetizers, entrees, deserts and s'mores on this grill. Ideal for cooking s'mores and other foods indoors. This grill is pre-seasoned which means that you can cook with it straight out of the box.

Part Number: 90206

model number: 90206