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Cooking Gift Set | Wood Chips for Smoking and Grilling Box Set (6 PC)

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  • 🥩 UNIQUE GRILL SET - Take your grill skills to the next level and discover the basics of smoking meat and vegetables on a gas or charcoal grill. This 6 Piece Box Set includes a stainless steel grill smoker box, specialty grilling thermometer, three flavors of smoking wood chips, easy to follow step by step instructions, and a flavorful hickory smoked sea salt.
  • 🔥 100% NATURAL SMOKER WOOD CHIPS - Discover your favorite smoke flavor with all-natural Hickory Wood Chips, Apple Wood Chips, and Cherry Wood Chips. Our smoking wood chips are held to the same quality standards used by restaurants and professionals. Each flavor is specially packaged in a resealable box to easily mix and match flavors.
  • 💪 DURABLE STAINLESS STEEL GRILL ACCESSORIES- Turn your gas or charcoal grill into a smoker with our premium stainless steel smoker box. Thoughtfully designed, the holes on top allow smoke to drift up, but keep ash particles OFF your food. Follow it up with our classic stainless steel grilling thermometer that shows optimal meat temperatures for fast at-a-glance readings.


Details: Turn your bbq grill into a smoker and infuse your favorite food with robust, rich and savory smokey flavors. THIS 6-PIECE GRILL SET INCLUDES: Stainless Steel Grill Smoker Box All Natural Cherry Wood Chips All Natural Hickory Wood Chips All Natural Apple Wood Chips Specialty BBQ Grilling Thermometer Step-by-Step Illustrated Instructions for Gas & Charcoal Grill BONUS: Flavorful Hickory Smoked Sea Salt A TASTY UNIQUE GIFT FOR MEN AND WOMEN: Sample three different flavors of smoker chips to discover your favorite. Our smoking wood chips are high quality, all natural and produce approximately 2 hours of smoke time for each flavor.Anyone can create mouth-watering results with our easy to follow instructions. Get creative and try smoking deviled eggs, vegetables, and even beef jerky! Add to your grill accessories with our stainless steel grill smoker box and grilling thermometer. Wash and re-use even after the smoking wood chips are gone.