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EppoBrand Silicone Steam Gasket Ring Tank Receiver Seal Replacement for Krups Espresso Machines MS-0907124 A10972

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Brand: EppoBrand


  • Durable, BPA Free, Premium Long Lasting Quality. Stands better then ordinary rubber gaskets.
  • For Krups F, FN, KP, PJ, PV, Dolce Gusto, Artese, Oblo, Picollo, Mini, Melody, Maximo, Mondo, Novo series.
  • Seal located in the machine where the water tank sits. Reference MS-0907124
  • Hygienic. Easily cleanable. Safe replacement with Food grade quality. No chemicals leaching in your Beverage.
  • No leaking water. Can handle temperamenture from -65°F / 54°C to 450°F / 230°C.

Details: EppoBrand Silicone Steam Gasket Ring Tank Receiver Seal Replacement For Krups Espresso Machines MS-0907124 A10972 Diameter: 23mm Internal Diameter: 14mm Depth: 5mm Compatible with: Artese: F920, F921, F922, F927, FNB1, FNB2, FNB3, FNB4. Dolce Gusto: KP2000, KP2002, KP2004, KP2005, KP2006, KP2008, KP2009. Dolce Gusto Oblo: KP1101, KP1105, KP1108, KP110F, PJ1101, PJ1105, PV1101, PV1105, PV1108. Dolce Gusto Piccolo: KP1000, KP1002, KP1003, KP1004, KP1005, KP1006, KP1007, KP1008, KP1009, KP100A, KP100B, KP1036, PJ1000, PJ1001, PJ1002, PJ1006, PV1000, PV1006, PV1008, PV100T. Dolce Gusto Mini Me: KP1201, KP1205, KP1206, KP1208, KP120H, PJ1201, PJ1205, PJ1206, PJ1208, PJ120H, PV1201, PV1205, PV1208. Dolce Gusto Melody 3: KP2201, KP2203, KP2205, KP2208, KP2209, KP230T, PJ2205, PJ2208, PJ230T, PV2205, PV2208. Espresso Maximo: F863, F864, F869, F870. ESPRESSO MAXIMO - F863, F864, F869, F870 ESPRESSO MONDO - F882, F989 ESPRESSO NOVO - F884, F885, F962, F964, F965, F968, F970, F976, F978, F984, F988, FNC1, FNC2, FNC3 and other models - check dimensions before ordering!

Part Number: MS-0907124

model number: MS-0907124