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Hand Mixer Beaters for Hamilton Beach Hand Mixers

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  • What models does he fit Hand Mixer Beater Stainless Steel Turbo Beater. Note that this product is only suitable for Hamilton Beach Hand Mixers (Hamilton 62682RZ 62692 62695V 64699) and is not compatible with other brands, please make sure your product is properly compatible before purchasing. Mixer Beaters length 7.75 inches (19.69CM)
  • What it is: Beaters Made from of high-strength stainless steel, whisk attachment for hand mixer quickly incorporates air into ingredients to whip egg whites, egg yolks and cream. hand mixer easily mixes and whips the ingredients for your favorite recipes, whether you're adding heavy ingredients like nuts to cookie dough or making light, fluffy meringue for a pie
  • What is the difference between whisk and Beaters: Electric whisk head mainly has a lantern-shaped, the top and bottom of the equal width as well as the top of the width of the narrow, you try to choose the first 2 when you choose, the beating effect is better than the last one. Hand mixer whisk could beat eggs, butter. Traditional beaters It's perfect for folding in dry ingredients like flour into cake batter or for combining liquids.
  • How to install and clean the whisk: Just push the tip of the whisk into the slot, it's quick and easy. Hamilton Beach Blender parts are dishwasher safe. After cleaning, put it in the storage box of the mixer.