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JJMG Ceramic Meat Cleaver Knife (Orange)

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  • SHARP & DURABLE LONG LASTING SHARPNESS: Perfect for Cutting Slicing Mincing & Dicing Meat Cheese and Vegetables. Made of High Quality Ceramic, 60 times more Wear-Resistant than Metal knifes. Easy to Maintain, Holds its Sharp Edge. The knifes blades are made by Zirconium, only diamonds are harder, and stays sharp 15 times longer.
  • NO RUST & BPA-FREE: Rust Resistant, Anti-acid and Alkali Material, Non-toxic, No Contamination, No Metal smell, Easy to Use. will retain its original sharpness up to 15 times longer than steel blades. You will never need sharpening any more!
  • NO OXIDATION: Keep your vegetables free from oxidation when cutting with these ceramic knifes. Keep your vegetables meat & food fresh for a longer period of time.
  • DIMENSION: 6.5 Inches Long Blade, Not for Cutting Bones, Coconut Shells or Super Hard objects.Do not use ceramic knife for chopping bone, prying, striking and do not try to put the knife into the dish-washing machine

Details: A stunning ceramic knife with a black handle is made from zirconium, which is nearly as hard as diamond, the blade starts sharp and stays sharp longer than steel blades. Its sharpness makes slicing easier for fruits, vegetables and boneless meat. It allows precise cuts and extremely thin slices, whether you’re slicing paper-thin radishes or peeling a tomato. They’re also good for slashing bread dough before baking, a perfect complement to your cutlery. Ceramic knives are also stain-resistant and rust-proof. They aren’t affected by acids, oils and salt, the blades will never rust. It won’t transfer a metallic taste or smell in foods so you can enjoy meats, fruits and vegetable with its original flavor. It won’t cause browning so your creations will always look and taste the way they should – fresh. They’re easy to clean and they don’t absorb odors. A quick rinse in warm water will get your ceramic knife a lot cleaner and wipe it with a kitchen towel. Ceramic blade is stronger than steel but unfortunately, is more fragile because it is more brittle. That means that if you drop a ceramic knife or attempt to cut bone or frozen foods with one, it can break or chip. They can’t be used for boning, prying, or cutting frozen foods or for any tasks. They shouldn’t be used for chopping if the blade will hit the cutting board sharply. And they shouldn’t be dropped. Twice thicker & last longer than Kyocera knifes.