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Meat Injector Kit - Turkey Marinade Injector Syringe for Food - 304 Stainless Steel

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  • DELICIOUS MEAT - Become the BBQ King by transforming Surface Flavor baster and Dry Meat into Tender, Juicy, Melt in your Mouth Brisket, Breast, Steak or Chop with the Smokey Hollow Co Meat Injector that’ll help insert and infuse the immense flavor that’ll blow the socks off your guests.
  • HIGH GRADE STEEL – 304 High Grade, BPA Free and fantastic quality stainless steel food injector syringe not only looks great but will give many great years of use. The 304 Grade Steel is the best grade we could possibly find for a very well made, durable and lifelong tool that’ll expand the value of your money a country mile and deliver an explosion of flavor into your meat every single time.
  • 6x MARINATING NEEDLES – BBQ injector set includes six needles to cover all of your marinade meat injector needs, two designed for use as a turkey injector, or for steaks and chicken fillets, two for flavor injector into big pieces and two of infusing garlic and herbs – cover all the bases and make the perfect delicious meat the family will love!
  • EASY TO CLEAN – Our meat injector syringe is not only easy to use, but also easy to clean! Wash in the sink or dishwasher, keeping the turkey injector shiny and your turkey baster super tasty. Maximize the safety and longevity of the meat injector syringe by keeping it as clean as new.
  • GREAT GIFT IDEA & ECO FRIENDLY PACKAGE WITH FREE COOK BOOK INCLUDED - Smokey Hollow Co Meat injector helps you bring your friends and family that seasoned tasty meat on the table. This is the perfect grilling gift you can ever give to your family and friends.

Details: Do you want Tender, Juicy, Melt in Mouth meat? Do you want Meat so Delicious your Friends, Family and Guests be dying for you to cook for them? Infuse and explode your surface level and Dry Centered meat into something that’s a delicious work of art. Smokey Hollow Co’s Stainless Steel and BPA Meat Injector Kit for smoker works by filling the needle with flavor and moisture and injecting it into the core of the meat that’s easy to clean, dishwasher friendly and completely BPA Free. Whats Included: ● BPA Free, 304 High Grade Stainless Steel Meat Injector that is completely safe and will have many years of great use ● 3 Replacement, Non-Leaking O-Rings that tightly keep the flavor packed in at every connection. Replacement O-Rings are perfect as spare and ultimate product longevity ● 6 Marinating Needles: Two designed for use as a Turkey injector, Steaks and Chicken fillets, two for Flavor injector into big pieces and two of infusing garlic and herbs ● Needle Cleaning Brushes to help further maintain and clean your Meat Injector Kit for longer lasting product to maximize your value for money ● Free Cook Book pdf included, we have found a way to ensure our cooked meat was always juicy and tender. No one likes dry meat, and yet it appears all too often on peoples plate. Together let’s change that! ORDER NOW With LIFETIME Satisfaction and Guarantee! Guarantee! Factory warranty is only available from authorized sellers - Nuku and Smokey Hollow Co.