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Oven Gloves Oven Mitts with Extra Long Sleeves, Heat Resistant to 932°

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  • FITS LIKE A GLOVE: These Oven Gloves were specifically designed with women’s hands in mind. They’re just that little bit smaller than most one-size-fits-all Oven Mitts out there - but are also stretchy - providing a perfect snug, yet comfortable women's fit.
  • FEEL INVINCIBLE: Produced using 3 Layers of Synthetic Kevlar, these Oven Mitts Heat Resistant can withstand any kind of heat up to 932°F (500°C). That means you’re covered for any cooking, baking, grilling, frying as well as handling that anxiety inducing cast iron skillet, dutch oven, casserole handle, cookie sheet, pot lid and more! No matter what your need, our Heat Resistant Gloves will leave you wanting to put them on time after time! Don’t say I didn’t warn you!
  • FOREARM PROTECTION: We went even a step further and increased the length of our sleeves an additional 2” above average so you can say goodbye to burns not just on your wrists, but even on your forearms whilst hitting oven rack edges, openings and doors, as well as hot oil splashes when frying! Our Long Oven Mitts are also Level 2 Cut-Resistant, protecting from everyday scrapes and cuts, and contain a hanging hook inside the sleeve for handy storage.
  • GRIP: I know they’re cute, but those polka dots are not only for looks. They’re actually made from Silicone and they double as Non-Slip Grip Spots. They’re placed evenly throughout the palm and fingers to provide a super strong grip on whatever it is you’re holding. Be it boiling pots, pans, cookie sheets or trays, you’ll enjoy a sense of confidence moving them around with our oven gloves with fingers. Say goodbye to frustrating slips and drops!

Details: Ever wondered how it is that after so many years, Oven Mitts haven’t changed? They’re still just those big ol’ One-size-fits-all bulky mitts. And how frustrating is it having to put them on and take them off again and again when those cookies just need that extra minute.. or 2.. or 3.. or 4? Introducing, the Oven Glove. A hybrid of traditional Oven Mitts with a modern, practical twist. They provide the same heat resistance as Oven Mitts (and even protect higher up your arm), yet they are fitted, stretchy, flexible and have fingers! Yay! You can now simply keep them on for the whole cook! No more on, off, on, off. They’re super comfy with a breathable Cotton make-up, they’re flexible enough to handle the most intricate tasks like opening a zip-lock bag, they’re cut proof so they double as a handy protection for those inevitable scrapes and cuts and best of all, they’re gorgeous! Enjoy them in your kitchen, outside on the BBQ or putting logs in the fireplace! They come in 3 cute colors, so there’s one for everyone! Get one today and your kitchen experience will never be the same!