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Pit Boss Wood Pellet Smoker and Grill Cookbook: 2 in 1 | The Ultimate Guide with 1300 Juicy Recipes. Become the Undisputed Pitmaster of the Neighborhood!

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Leona graduated with a degree in mechanical engineering in 2000, but her dream, her true passion, has always been cooking.
So, ever since she was a teenager, she has been an avid reader of everything related to good food.
She has bought countless books and experimented with exotic recipes from the best cookbooks around, all to document and improve her culinary skills.
Leona loves baking for her kids and grilling with her family.
She has also used her skills to understand the latest trends in cooking, such as smoking, combining sweet and savory flavors, or incorporating exotic foods.
She then decided to make her knowledge available to her friends and readers, hoping they would appreciate it.


Author: Air, Leona

Number Of Pages: 327

Release Date: 19-09-2021

Languages: English