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Probe Port Barbecue Smoker Thermometer Stainless Steel

Original price $14.95 - Original price $14.95
Original price $14.95
$14.95 - $14.95
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Brand: Probe Port

Details: These probe ports will work on virtually any smoker - just drill a hole and fasten the port to the cooker. No more crimping your wires, no more feeding them through the lid or the smoke stack! Features a adjustable port, allowing you to tighten the outer ring around the probes, preventing smoke from leaking out the port. Made out of stainless steel. Note: these will not fit on a cooker with 1/4" or thicker steel as the threads are not long enough to accommodate the locking nut that goes on the inside wall. You can use a pipe tap and tap a hole that will allow the port to be tightly threaded; however, in that case the locking washer that is provided will not be used. Directions for installing on cooker are included with the port.