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Rotisserie Grill Kit, Automatic Rotating BBQ, UL Certificated Universal Grill Rotisseries with 120V 4W Motor, 28” Spit Rod, 2 x 4 Forks, Complete Holders, and Fixing Screw for Backyard and Outdoor

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Original price $48.95
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Brand: Zalhyrox


  • 【Perfectly Cooked Rotisserie Delights】Our adjustable rotisserie grill kit delivers mouth-watering rotisserie roasts that are succulent, flavorful, and evenly cooked. Experience the joy of indulging in tender and juicy meats, elevating your grilling game to new heights. This versatile kit is compatible with popular grill brands, Please ensure fit for your rotisserie machine.
  • 【Universal Compatibility for Every Grill】Discover the convenience of our UL-certified universal grill rotisseries roaster that integrate with a wide range of grill brands and models. Whether you own a gas grill, charcoal grill, or electric grill, our kit's adjustable components guarantee fit, unlocking the world of rotisserie cooking for everyone. Elevate your barbecue experience with this must-have accessory.
  • 【Effortless Rotisserie Cooking Experience】Enjoy a hassle-free rotisserie cooking experience with our powerful 120V 4W motor. This high-performance motor ensures a steady rotation of the spit rod, evenly cooking your favorite meats to perfection. Sit back, relax, and let our kit do the work for you. Compatible with popular chicken rotisserie machines our kit enhances your grilling prowess.
  • 【Complete Set for Rotisserie Mastery】Our pig rotisserie for grill provides all the essential attachments you need to become a rotisserie master. It includes a 28" spit rod, two sets of 4 forks, complete holders, and fixing screws. This comprehensive set empowers you to create restaurant-quality rotisserie dishes right in your own backyard. Compatible with a variety of barbecue machines, it's the ultimate grilling accessory.
  • 【Elevate Outdoor Cooking Adventures】Immerse yourself in the joy of outdoor cooking with our Rotisserie Grill roaster. From backyard barbecues to camping trips, our kit enhances your outdoor cooking adventures. Enjoy the fresh air, the company of loved ones, and the irresistible aroma of rotisserie-cooked meals that are sure to impress. BBQ rotisserie grill kit is a must-have for grill enthusiasts!

Part Number: M-1

model number: M-1