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Snow Blower Impeller KIT- 3/8" HD 4-Blade Universal - Modifies 2-Stage Machine

by SuperDi
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Original price $57.95
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Brand: SuperDi


  • Type:Two Stage
  • Power Source:Gas
  • Clearing Width:All

Details: The Solution: Install this Snow Blower Impeller Kit onto your two-stage snow blower and never fear another snow fall again! Virtually eliminate the “clogged chute” syndrome when moving wet or heavy snow! Dramatically increase the snow throwing distance of your snow blower! Depending on how handy you are, this kit can be installed in 1-2 hours without too much difficulty! Each Snow Blower Impeller Kit contains the following Top Quality, materials: (1) 3/8" thick rubber paddle (2"W x 5"L) - (trim to fit as needed - See FAQs below) Made from Styrene Butadiene rubber (SBR rubber) SBR rubber with minimum tensile strength of 725 PSI (5 MPA) Hard rubber with a durometer of 65-75 (1) metal strap with holes - 1 3/8" W x 3 3/4"L Punched flat bar grade 5 steel, 1/16" thick (3) bolts (5/16-18 x 1 in. coarse thread) w/ 5/16-18 lock nuts (use 1/2" wrench & socket) Hex bolts, grade 5 steel Hex lock nuts nylon insert, grade 5 steel steel (1) self-tapping screw (#14 x 1) (not shown in picture to right)(Why? See FAQs below) Sheet metal screw, Hex washer head self drilling, grade 5 steel 4 Blade Kit Contents: For 4 Blade Snow Blower Impellers Qty (4) rubber paddles Qty (4) metal straps Qty (12) bolts & lock nuts Qty (4) self-tapping screws Installation Instructions & FAQs Remember - This not only “virtually” eliminates the problem of wet snow clogging up the chute, but may increase the throwing distance of your snow blower by up to 30-50% or more! I say "virtually" because you can never completely eliminate clogging when the moisture content of the snow is well over 40% (eg; very wet slush turns to ice in your chute), but for every 10 times you previously had to clean out your chute, you "might" only need to do it once with this kit installed and you will see a noticeable increase in throwing distance regardless!