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UPGRADED Lifetime Appliance 4162142 Thumb Screw Compatible with KitchenAid Mixer - 9709194, WP9709194

Original price $5.63 - Original price $5.63
Original price $5.63
$5.63 - $5.63
Current price $5.63

Brand: Lifetime Appliance Parts

Color: Black


  • ✅ Part Number: WP9709194, 9709194, AP6013782, 9709198, 240374, 240374-3, 4162142, 4169829, PS11747009, B008DJSHOG, B00JQG0X8S, B008DJY9SY, B0023RTLM6, B008DJSIWM
  • ✅ Thumb Screw to Hold Attachments Onto KitchenAid Stand Mixers
  • ✅ 1/4-20 Thread Size

Details: Fits Models: K45SS, K5SS, KSM90, KSM90, K45SSWH-0, KP2671-3, KP2671, KSM90WH, KSM5, KP26M1XPM5, KSM5PS0, KP26M1XNP5, KSMC50S, KP26M1XMR5, KM25G0XWH5, KP26M1XLC5, KSM50P, KP26M1XWH5, KSM150, KSM150, KP50P, KSM150PSWH0, KSM150PSWH0, KSM75WH14, KG25H3XSL5, KV25G0XGR5, KP26M1XLC4, KP26M1XNP4, KG25H0XMC4, KSM90PSWH0, KSM90PSWH0, KV25G0XWW5, KSM103, KSM103, KP26M1XAZ5, K45SSAC-04, K45WSSWH-04, KSM90OB44, KSM90ER44, KG25H7XOB5, KG25H7XWH4, KP26M1XPM4, KSM150PSBU0, KSM150PSBU0, KSMC50, KM25G0XWH4, KP26M1XCE5, KP26M1XOB5, KG25H0XWH4, KP26M1XMR4, KSM150PSMC0, KSM150PSMC0, KP26M1XAZ4, KP26M1XDP5, KSM150PSER0, KSM150PSER0, KSM50POB0, KL26M8XOB5, KSM90PSBU, KV25G0XBU5, KV25G0XOB5, KD2661XMC3, KG25H0XWH5, KP26M8XMC5, KSM150PSGR0, KSM150PSGR0, KSM150PSOB0, KSM150PSOB0, KSM50HDPBK0, KSM50PER0, KSM90PSWW0, KSM90PSWW0, KV25G0X-4, KV25G0XBU4, KV25G0XMC5, KV25G0XWW4, KG25H7XER4, KP26M1XBS5, KSM100PSWW04, KSM5BBU, KSM90PSOB0, KSM90PSOB0, KT2651-3, KV25G0XGR4, KP26M1XER5, KSM90TRE, KV25G0XCV4, KV25G0XER5, KP26M1XMC4, KV25G0XWH4, KG25H0XER5, KG25H7XER5, KG25H7XOB4, KN15E1XMR0, KN15E1XOL0, KP26M1XCM5, KP26M1XRC5, KSM150PSAC0, KSM150PSAC0, KSM150PSER1, KSM150PSER1, KSM150PSOB1, KSM150PSOB1, KSM500WH0, KSM500WH0, KSM50P-2, KSM90PSAC0, KSM90PSAC0, KV25G0XCV5, KV25G0XER4, 9KSM150PSWH0, K45SSAL-04, KB26G1XER3, KB26G1XER3, KG25H3XOB5, KG25H3XWH5, KG25H7XSL5, KP26M1XBS4, KP26M1XCM4, KP26M1XRC4, KP26M1XWG5, KSM150PSSF0, KSM150PSSF0, KSM90MC44, KSMC50S-1, KV25G0XCY5, KV25G0XGC4, KV25G0XMC4, KV25H0XWH4, 4K45SS7OB04, 4KB25G1XBU3, 4KN15C1XMC1, 4KP26M1XMR5, 5K5SS, 5KSM150PSBAC4, -, K45SSDAC-04, KB26G1XGR3, KB26G1XGR3, KG25H0XOB5, KG25H3XER5, KG25H7XSL4, KN15E1XLC0, KN15E1XSB0, KP26M1XMC5, KP26M8XCP5, KP50, KSM150PSCV0, KSM150PSCV0, KSM150PSML0, KSM150PSML0, KSM45B3WH0, KSM90PSGR0, KSM90PSGR0, KSM90PSPK0, KSM90PSPK0, KV25G0XBW4, 4K5SSOB0, 4KB25G1XWW3, 4KG25G7XER4, 4KP26M1XPM5, 4KSM90PSAC0, 4KSM90PSAC0, 4KSM90PSER0, 4KSM90PSER0, 5KSM150PSBLV4, K45SSDAL-04, KB26G1XMC3, KB26G1XMC3, KD2661, KG25H0XER4

EAN: 0842722163515

Package Dimensions: 2.7 x 0.9 x 0.7 inches

Binding: Kitchen

Part Number: LAP1402