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Wooden BBQ Grill Brush Scraper- Wood Grill Scraper, Natural Wood

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Original price $24.95
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  • Grill Scraper With QuickClean Tech: deeply cleans your grill grates while molding to their contour.
  • Why Wooden Grill Scrapers: because your grates are completely clean and your food remains bristle-free.
  • op Quality Bbq Tool: Best kind of wood for barbecue cleaning without scratching.
  • For All Grates: The wooden grill scraper is suitable for cast iron, stainless steel, porcelain, and ceramic.
  • Guarantee: Your wood grill scraper will be replaced if anything goes wrong at no cost to you!

Details: NO MORE WIRE BRISTLES - Our Woody products are a grilling necessity for both serious grillers and those who are just learning. Wire brushes have annoying bristles that get smashed down and can be too harsh for many grills and bbq tools. Woody grill scraper bristle free products are safer to use and sturdy enough to do the job well without damaging your grill or tools. CUSTOM FIT TO YOUR GRILL - One extremely useful and unique features of the Woody Paddle is that you customize the wooden grill scraper to fit your grill perfectly. No messy, burnt food will remain after you clean your BBQ grill with our Woody Paddle. Simply heat the grill to high heat and use slow, firm pressure to glide the paddle front to back on grates, keeping the grooves in the same place each time. PERFECT FOR GIFTING - The Great Scrape’s real wood grill scraper is perfect for the BBQ and smoke masters in your life. Even novice grillers will appreciate the sturdy, easy to use Woody Paddle for keeping their BBQ grills clean. No matter their experience level, they will keep it in their grill toolkit for many grilling seasons to come, because this scraper makes grill cleaning a breeze.

Part Number: G1

model number: G1