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2 PACK Espresso Machine Grease, Silicone Grease-Coffee machine lubricant 5g Tube

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  • ✅Food Grade Silicone Grease: Coffee as a drink brings us a lot of enjoyment, especially in the process of making coffee, the process of making coffee with a fully automatic coffee grinder is also a very fun thing, so drink coffee here It is not only a kind of enjoyment but also a kind of fun. Therefore, the grinder coffee machine is also loved by the majority of people.This coffee grease has passed NFC H1 SG Certificate Certification
  • ✅The Role of Espresso Machine Grease: The gear in the coffee grinder is a crucial transmission component. The gear drives the work of the blade and increases the rotational torque of the blade, which can better grind the coffee beans. Therefore, it is essential to lubricate the coffee grinder. Choosing a suitable lubricating grease can effectively lubricate and protect the gears, reduce noise, reduce gear wear, prolong the service life of the grinder, and ensure grinding. Bean machine quality.
  • ✅Coffee Oil Pipe Features: Excellent anti-wear and bearing capacity, with remarkable noise reduction effect; Excellent water resistance and oxidation resistance; The grease contains a large amount of solid lubricant, and the friction coefficient is low; Good shear stability, strong oil film lubrication ability; High and low-temperature performance is stable.
  • ✅Easy to use: The brewer of most fully automatic espresso machines can be dismantled and cleaned. Open the shell on the side of the coffee machine (the service door, usually with a special handle), you can see the brewer, and dry it after cleaning. Dry the brewer, and then apply the coffee machine grease evenly to the rails on both sides of the brewer or the drive shaft. Pay attention to applying evenly, you can use the small brush we distribute for lubricating oil.
  • ✅Suitable for more small appliances: not only suitable for Phillips and Gaggia Expresso Machines, but also suitable for cooking machines, food supplement machines, soy milk machines, and other models. Please note that it is sealed and protected from light. If there is a small amount of lubricant on your hands or clothes, you can wash them with warm water or soap.