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53mm Espresso Puck Screen with Stand

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  • A Better Espresso You Can Taste: If you can't stand a little coffee grounds, you may want to try this espresso puck screen. This 53.3mm espresso puck screen is made of multi-layer 316 stainless steel mesh, with the combined thickness of multiple layers, and the filtration accuracy reaches 100um! Which can even out the water flow and prevents coffee grounds from breaking down under pressure, Helps extract smoother, and you will get a more mellow espresso taste.
  • Easy to Use & Clean: Just tamper and place it over the Portafilter filter basket, and you're ready to start your espresso journey. After use, only need to rinse this puck screen under the tap and remove the inside grounds, wipe it dry then place it on the wood stand.
  • Made of Durable 316 Stainless Steel: This Puck screen is made of multi-layer food-grade 316 stainless steel mesh stamping for higher strength and better filtration. 316 stainless steel is more durable, has more corrosion, and has high-temperature resistance than ordinary stainless steel.
  • A Little Helper You will Need: Always disperses water more evenly and across grounds consistently producing a richer flavor on each espresso for you. It stops the coffee from directly contacting the shower screen, keeping the shower screen away from the coffee grounds, after a cup of smooth coffee making, cleaning the brew head will not be a "trouble" to you anymore.
  • Choose The Perfect One for You: 58mm/ 53.3mm/ 49mm type to choose from, come with wood stand, perfect for home kitchen, office, and coffee house. Also, it would be a great gift for a Barista or coffee enthusiast. Please confirm the size you need before purchasing.