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AC Hose Exhaust Coupler [5.9"] Portable AC Hose Connector/Extender, Universal Fit for Clockwise and Counterclockwise Threaded Hose, Extension Parts

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Original price $23.95
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Brand: AHUIJ


  • High quality material: Made of high quality ABS material, which is heat resistant, sturdy and reliable.
  • Universal fit: Portable air conditioner exhaust coupler with universal clockwise counterclockwise threaded coupler connects to a threaded hose, regardless of the direction of rotation, allowing you to rotate the connection clockwise or counterclockwise with your left or right hand.
  • Sealed fit: The air conditioning hose coupler extension has a tight seal to provide a tight and secure fit to the air conditioning hose, and good rigidity protects the two ends of the hose for a strong connection and extended use distance
  • Easy to use: No tools required, attaches to the exhaust threaded hose for easy installation on the back of your air conditioner. The exhaust hose coupler extends the air conditioner hose and provides easy access to the exhaust hose through a wall or window.
  • Size selection: We offer 5.9 inch (150mm) and 5.1 inch (130mm) two diameters, you can choose according to your needs, this threaded portable air conditioning exhaust hose coupler is designed to be compatible with 5.9 inch / 5.1 inch portable air conditioning exhaust hose and is a practical tool accessory.

Details: Portable air conditioner exhaust hose coupler, universal clockwise counterclockwise threaded interface, has good rigidity can protect the ends of the hose a strong connection and extend the distance of use. Extend the duct and distribute the air in the room according to your needs, the exhaust hose coupler provides a convenient way to run the exhaust hose through the wall or window

Part Number: 1

model number: Coupler