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B0212-040 Heat Plates Grill Parts for Blue Rhino 3 Burner Grill Replacement Parts GBC1932L GBC1793W RevoAce Grill Parts Heat Tent 55-24-198 GBC1706W GBC1705WV Heat Shield BBQ Grill Accessories

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Brand: Oklagarden


  • 【REVOACE GRILL HEAT TENTS DISTRIBUTE HEAT EVENLY】Upgraded with thicken stainless steel, our revoace grill heat plates are durable and disperses heat more evenly and quickly.
  • 【HEAT TENTS PROTECT YOUR GAS GRILL】The blue rhino grill parts heat shield will protect your gas grill burner tube from excess grease. The oil dropping at high temperatures vaporized and return to the food will increase the smoky flavor. Replacing your old blue rhino grill parts heat shield can give you a more even cooking.
  • 【COMPATIBLE WITH REVOACE GRILL PARTS】 Fits revoace heat tent grill parts b0212-40, 55-24-198 heat plates, blue rhino b0212-040 heat plates grill parts and more.
  • 【COMPATIBLE WITH REVOACE 3 BURNER GRILL PARTS】Fits gbc1793w, gbc1705wv, gbc1706w grill parts and more. Fits gbc1793w parts, revoace gbc1793w heat plates grill parts.
  • 【COMPATIBLE WITH BLUE RHINO 3 BURNER GRILL PARTS】Fits blue rhino gbc1932l heat shields parts, blue rhino 3 burner grill replacement parts gbc1932l, blue rhino grill parts and more.