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BBQ Dragon | Electric Charcoal Starter Fan | Bbq Fan Blower | Heavy Duty Charcoal Fan | Cordless Stainless Steel Fire Starter Built-in Blower | Easily Ignite Charcoal Grills & Bbq Smokers

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Original price $60.95
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Brand: BBQ Dragon


  • [IGNITE QUICKLY AND EASILY] – Looking for help to a faster and easy way of setting up the fire in your BBQ grilling? We got it for you! The BBQ Dragon Electric Fire Starter is safe, easy & the fastest method to start the fire burning of your firewood, lump or briquettes charcoal in just within 10 minutes! This electric fire starter bellow is much more effective than blowing air from your mouth. Enjoy grilling now without getting smoky ash in your face!
  • [VERSATILE DESIGN FOR WIDE USAGE] – Multipurpose grill starter fan that can use both indoor and outdoor activities. Easily clip it and use it with your charcoal chimney, charcoal grill, fire pit, fireplace, wood stove, smoker, campfire, ceramic cooker, and kamado-style cooker. And do you know where it is also works exceptionally well? It is when you combined it with our BBQ Dragon Chimney of Insanity. Give it a try! Get yours now!
  • [STAINLESS STEEL CONSTRUCTION] – The main body of this BBQ fire starter fan and charcoal lighter is made from sleek stainless steel that stays cool and stands up to tough use. The long, adjustable neck is also made from stainless steel, and it allows you to position the BBQ Dragon Fan to provide air wherever you need it. The fan also has a variable speed motor so you can control the amount of airflow.
  • [CLIPS TO ANY GRILL] – An amazingly durable and heavy-duty electric fire starters for grill with spring-loaded clamp that opens wide for easy attaches to any type of grill. It can also be clipped to a number of other objects for placement near a fire pit or wood stove. You can easily change the position of the BBQ Dragon Fan by unclipping it and moving it, or simply by bending the adjustable neck.
  • BATTERY POWERED AND CORDLESS – The BBQ Dragon Fan is completely battery-operated and cordless, meaning that it can be used hands free. Just set it to an appropriate position with the appropriate speed of airflow, and then let it do its job. This allows you to focus on grilling or enjoy the great outdoors. Charge the fan using a micro-USB cable (cable and charger not included) just be sure to insert rechargeable batteries into the fan. Fan needs 4 AA batteries. (Batteries not included)

Part Number: BBQD501

model number: BBQD501