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Charbrofire DGH450CRP Heat Tent 4 Burner Grill Replacement Parts for Dyna Glo Grill Heat Shield 70-02-615 70-02-423 Dynaglo Burner Tube DGF451CRP DGH450CRN-D DGH450CRP-D Dyna-Glo Grill Parts

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Original price $34.95
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Brand: Charbrofire


  • ✅【UPGRADED THICKER AND HEAVIER THAN OTHERS】 You will get the dyna glo grill replacement parts heat plates that are made of solid porcelain steel. ✅【DELIVERS EVEN HEAT DISTRIBUTION, HIGH HEAT RETENTION AND COOK FOOD FAST 】 Dyna glo grill parts heat shield heavy duty and more durable than others. retaining and transferring heat, perfect for searing and locking. distributes heat more evenly than other materials, long lasting. (Not like others stainless steel wrapped around tradition steel)
  • ✅【DIMENSIONS AND PACKAGE】3 pieces smaller main dyna glo heat plates 15 1/4” x 2 3/4”, 1 piece larger dyna glo sear plus heat tent 15 1/4” x 5 1/2”, 3 pieces main dyna glo burner tube 16 1/2” , 1 piece dyna glo sear plus curved shape burner 16 1/2” x 4 3/4”.
  • ✅【FITS DYNA GLO 4 BURNER GRILLS】 DGH450CRP, DGH450CRP-D, DGH450CRN, DGH450CRN-D, DGH451CRP, DGH451CRP-D and mroe. dgh450crp grill replacement parts, dyna-glo dgh450crp, dyna glo dgh450crp grill replacement parts, dyna-glo dgh450crp parts, dgh450crp parts. dyna glo grill replacement parts 4 burner. ✅【FITS DYNA GLO 3 BURNER GRILLS】DGH373CRP, DGH373CRP-D, DGH353CRP, DGH353CRP-D, DGH371CRF, DGH371CRF-D and more.
  • ✅【COMPATIBLE WITH DYNA GLO HEAT SHIELD AND BURNER GRILL ORIGINAL PART NUMBER】 Dyna glo 70-02-615, 70-02-616, 70-02-617, 70-02-423, 70-02-411, 70-02-412, 70-01-915, 70-01-916, 70-02-413 and more. 70-02-615 heat tent, dyna-glo 70-02-615. ✅【FITS DYNA GLO 5 BURNER GRILL】 DGH474CRP, DGH474CRP-D, DGH483CRP, DGH483CRP-D, DGH485CRP, DGH485CRP-D, DGH474CRN, DGH474CRN-D, DGH481CRP, DGH481CRP-D, DGH481CRN, DGH481CRN-D and more.
  • ✅【HEALTHY AND EASY TO CLEAN】 Glossy and Non-porous surface heat plates, easy to clean. Provides an attractive smoky flavor and more evenly heated for your food. Using non-metallic grill tools on this type of heat plates will also add life to the dyna-glo grill parts.

Details: 70-02-615 Heat Tent for main burner, Heat tent for SearPLUS burner 70-02-616, Main burner with cotter pin 70-02-617, SearPLUS burner with cotter pin 70-02-423, DGF451CRP, DGF451CRP-D, DGH450CRN-D, DGH450CRP, DGH450CRP-D

Part Number: 70-02-615, 70-02-616, 70-02-617

model number: 70-02-423, 70-02-411, 70-02-412