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Crock Pot Slow Cooker Replacement Knob

Original price $21.95 - Original price $21.95
Original price
$21.95 - $21.95
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  • Lifetime Guarantee
  • Has a metal (not-plastic) insert for longer life
  • High/Low Hardened Plastic Knob (for crock pot face and not lid)
  • Requires small screwdriver for installation (not included)

Part Number: 661799382090

Details: This is a generic knob and it might NOT line up with your current crock pot marks. Use this 1" knob to replace lost or damaged crock pot knobs. Has a brass insert with setscrews. Fits standard 1/4" shafts. Older crock pot knobs were all plastic. These knobs have a brass inserts with a setscrew. The brass inside makes this a robust knob reliable for years of replacement service. A small (roughly 1/8") screwdriver is required for installation. Do not over tighten.