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Knife Blade Insert For 1500ml Chopper For Braun Multiquick Blender

Original price $22.95 - Original price $22.95
Original price
$22.95 - $22.95
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Details: COMPATIBLE ONLY WITH THE MODELS BELLOW: 4191-MR6550 4191-MQ5075 4191-MQ5077 4191-MQ5177 4191-MQ5275 4191-MQ5277 4191-MR550 4191-MR570 4199-MQ775 4199-MQ777 4199-MQ778 4199-MQ785 4199-MQ787 4200-MQ9075X 4200-MQ9078X 4200-MQ9087X 4200-MQ9097X HB701-MQ7075X HB701-MQ7077X HB701-MQ7080XG HB701-MQ7085X HB701-MQ7085XG HB701-MQ7087X 4191 MR 6550 M/FP/HC,K white/grey 4191 MR 6550 M/FP/HC,K, white/grey 4191 MR 6550 M/FP/HC/K, white/grey 4191-MQ5075WH BUFFET 4191-MQ5077WHBUFFET 4191-MQ5177BUFFET 4191-MQ5275BK HB BRAUN INT S12 4191-MQ5277BK HB BRAUN INT S12 4191-MR550BUFFET 4191-MR550VITAL 4191-MR570PATISSERIE 4199 Multiquick 7 - MQ775, black/white 4199-MQ775PATISSERIE 4199-MQ777 GOURMET HB BRAUN BK AUNZ 4199-MQ777GOURMET 4199-MQ778BAGEL 4199-MQ785PATISSERIE 4199-MQ787GOURMET HB701-MQ7080XG HB BRAUN BK JP S11 HB701-MQ7085X HB BRAUN BK INT S11 HB701-MQ7085XG HB BRAUN BK JP S11 HB701-MQ7087X HB BRAUN BK TW S11

EAN: 5212015477073