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KP 3 in 1 Dream Set- Safe Grill Cleaning Kit - Bristle Free Grill Brush for Outdoor Grill w/Grill Scraper +Heavy Duty Grill Mat|Best BBQ Brush for Grill Cleaning | Grill Accessories for All Grills

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Brand: Kitchen perfection


  • Not About The Cleaning, All About The Food- Focus on simply enjoying the mouthwatering goodies you just grilled, and less time scraping the grill grates.Our bbq grill cleaner set is complete with bristle free grill brush and scraper for safe & effective cleaning, and Heavy-Duty, BBQ Grill mat that withstand temps of up to 500 Fahrenheit. Our grilling accessories brush is compatible with Weber , Char Broil King , Japanese, big green egg , gas & charcoal grills /other grill or smoker type.
  • Safe & Effective Grill Cleaning- Our Grill cleaning Brush features 3x extra thick,triple helix that cleans up to 5x times faster than a regular grill cleaner brush, 17” handle for extra safety & full control, stainless steel grill scraper for easy grease removal, a bristle-free design for NO lose wires, and metal wire as well as unique scraper edges on the brush sides for easy rescue cleaning in between the grill bars. This kit is the ideal grill brush for gas grill & grilling gift for men
  • All Clean? Let's Keep It That Way- With our reusable BBQ Mat you’ll be able to perfectly cook all your meats and keep your grill grease-free, with zero cleaning needed once you’re done. Our black grill mat is heat resistant up to 500 F, sport a PTFE fiberglass coating, are non-stick & dishwasher safe, are 15.7”x13” big and 0.2mm thick so they cover your entire grilling surface, for zero mess. Perfect pair with grill scrubber. A must-have grilling cleaning tools for outdoor grill lover.
  • Simply Put, An Unbeatable Deal- We tried to create the most value-packed deal on Amazon’s barbecue grill accessories category, and to make things even better, with our bbq grill brush and scraper & grill mat BBQ accessories set, you also get 2x bonus Ebooks chock-full of delicious recipes that you can follow to impress friends and family (after you showed them your barbecue brush / grill brush bristle free ).
  • Value-Packed & Risk-Free- We want to create the perfect experience from the moment you click Add to Cart and join our family. That’s why, to eliminate all risk from your purchase, we fully back our Barbeque Brush + BBQ Mat set, with our LIFETIME Warranty!


Kitchen Perfection BBQ Grill Brush & BBQ Mat Set

Friends, Family, Loved Ones around the Grill with delicious meats- what's not to love?

Same cannot be said for the cleaning up however.

Kitchen perfection equips you with the ultimate, most value-packed BBQ accessory set to help you focus more on what matters, and less on the aftermath of cleaning up.

Our Set Consists of:

    ✅ 1x BBQ Grill Brush

    ✅ 2x BBQ Grill Mats

    ✅ 2x Recipe Ebooks

The Kitchen Perfect Ultimate Grill Brush

🔥 5x Times Faster Cleaning thanks to the triple helix design that's extra thick and vastly outperforms regular, metal grill brushes

🔥 Enjoy Full Safety & Control of your barbeque cleaning brush thanks to the 17"-long handle that keeps you accident-free.

🔥 No More Loose Bristles as our brush design is bristle-free so that you get long-lasting cleaning efficiency, zero loose bristles or bristles in your food

🔥 Easy Storage thanks to the metal hook- the small things matter!

🔥 Superior Grease Removal thanks to the sturdy stainless steel construction, the metal wire on the brush sides for easy cleaning in-between the grill bars, as well as the scraper edges.

Meet the Mats

Our set comes complete with 2 black, high-heat resistant, bbq Silicone mats.

Our mats can withstand temps of up to 500 F, thanks to their FDA-approved PTFE fiberglass coating. With these, you can prevent your food from falling in between the grates or sticking to the grill.

Plus, our mats keep your flavor intact, grill marks included, and are 100% non-stick, as well as dishwasher safe!

Each mat is 15.7"x13" big and 0.2mm thick, so you can keep your entire cleaning area spotless!

Fully Backed By Our LIFETIME Warranty!

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Part Number: Grill brush and scraper + Grill Mat Set