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TWO-PACK 100% Non-Stick 11" Toaster Oven Liner

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Original price $11.99
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Brand: bouti1583

Color: Black


  • πŸ’– FOR A CLEANER OVEN: 11" x 9" PTFE TEFLON toaster oven liner keeps oven clean. Catch all drips, spills and debris eliminating stuck on mess on the bottom of your toaster oven. Clean up is simple and effortlessly. Stop wasting unnecessary time and effort cleaning your toaster oven;
  • πŸ’– VERSATILE, QUALITY MATERIAL: Heavy duty professional grade but can be cut to size easily with household scissors; easily tolerates temperatures up to 500 degrees; can be used as an oven or pan liner, baking/cooking sheet or mat
  • πŸ’– WORKS IN ALL OVENS: Convection, Electric, Gas, Microwave
  • πŸ’– EASY TO CLEAN: Safe & Healthy, non-Stick PTFE is durable and cleans up easily; dishwasher safe
  • πŸ’– SAVES YOU TIME AND ENERGY& MORE HAPPY: Save time, effort, and hard work time after time, use after use

model number: JB-100

Part Number: JB-100

Details: Do you had ever labored on their knees to try to scrape and scrub away burnt-on crusts and stains from the bottom of an oven knows it isn’t something they ever want to do again. It sure takes the joy out of pizza and apple pie! With Our Non-Stick Oven Liner, SAY GOODBYE TO: Laborious scrubbing and scraping from impossible angles Unhealthy-smelling oven cleaners that require you to ventilate and leave the house The burning smell and ash residue clean-up required of of self-cleaning ovens Having to replace an oven due to excessive wear of oven floor and burners or elements Protects Your Oven Our Non-Stick Oven Liner keeps your oven floor sparkling and like-new, guards against burning and Unhealthy smells throughout your house and saves you time and energy for better things. Easy To Clean The liner wipes clean easily and is even dishwasher safe! Great For The Grill Our oven liner can also be used on the grill as a grill mat! It helps food cook evenly without falling between the grate. Package includes TWO 100% Non-Stick 11" Toaster Oven Liner

EAN: 0662578993636

Package Dimensions: 11.1 x 9.0 x 0.2 inches