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Wood BBQ and Grill Wooden Scraper Tool, 10.6” x 4.7”

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Brand: Mr.Art Wood


  • NATURAL & SAFE CLEANING – Grill cleaner measuring 10.6” x 4.7” provides an easy cleaning solution for your BBQ and Grill, helping you to scrape debris off the Grill and BBQ grates without damaging them. Moreover, the natural ash wood build is free of any chemicals or toxins, and doesn’t even leave metal bristles, ensuring safer food.
  • HASSLE-FREE CLEANING – Barbecue cleaning scraper with two 2 different types of sharpened edges, groovy edge to clean shaped grill surfaces and flat one to help in removing grime & dirt from flat surfaces, proves equally suitable for cleaning of porcelain/ceramic covered grill tops and metal grills.
  • COMFORTABLE GRIP – Natural grill cleaner is easier to use and sturdy enough to do the job well without damaging your grill and or hands. Ergonomic holder of the best wooden grill scraper provides you a pain free cleaning experience by offering space for your hand & smooth surface for a comfortable grip.
  • ADAPTS TO YOUR GRILL – With a wooden build of our grill grease cleaner, the grooves adapt with every cleanup until an optimum level is reached such that the grooves perfectly embrace your unique grill, ensuring more effective cleaning – remove all messy burnt food, carbon deposits, grease, etc.
  • HEATPROOF LEATHER LOOP – Our ultimate grill cleaning tool comes with a specially designed leash made up of heatproof leather such that hanging the scraper won’t be a problem anymore. You can simply hang the grill cleaner scraper anywhere near the grill without worrying about damaging he loop.

Details: Love cooking and eating grilled food but scared of stubborn dirty grates left after barbecuing your favorite meats and veggies? Worry no more! Presenting a wooden scraper that is specially designed to provide you with hassle-free cleaning, whether you are at home, camping or partying outside!


-Cheaply made wire bristle scrapers can damage the delicate finish of your grill - made up of organic ash wood, our BBQ scraper gently cleans all tough stains without the fear of metal pieces in your food.
-Measuring 10.6" x 4.7" with thickness of 0.6" inch, our wooden grill scrapper is specifically designed to clean the top and in between the grates - allows you to clean both groovy and flat surfaces!
-Can be used on all types of grill tops like ceramic or metal with relative ease.
-Barbecue grill scraper is free from harmful lacquers and chemical toxins, thereby proving to be safe for the environment and your health!
-Comes with a heatproof leather leash that allows you to hang it safely even close to the grill, when not in use.
-Finely polished and curved edges offer comfortable grip and protect from hurting your hands.
-Compact and lightweight design enables you to carry it along anywhere and everywhere!
-Ideal gift to all loved ones for Birthdays, Anniversaries, Thanksgiving, Christmas and More!
-Perfect to be used both indoors and outdoors!