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WORX WA0051 Bag Holder for Paper Yard Waste Bags or WG430 Leaf Mulcher

Original price $25.95 - Original price $25.95
Original price $25.95
$25.95 - $25.95
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Brand: WORX


  • Replacement for bag holder on wg430 leaf mulcher
  • Stabilizes paper yard bags up to 12-inch by 16-inch
  • Helps paper yard waste bags become free-standing without tipping over

Details: The WORX Universal Bag Holder is suitable as a replacement bag holder for the WG430 Leaf Mulcher or as an added feature to the WORX Trivac system to help hold up paper waste bags. It fits 12-Inch by 16-Inch paper yard-waste bags. Use the universal bag holder for stabilizing paper yard-waste bags, or use it to attach the bag to the WORX leaf mulcher for easy disposal or compost of leaves.

Part Number: WA0051

model number: WA0051